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We set the default rate for prior to retirement at 5. 75% and rate of return after retirement at 4. 0% with a valid variety of 0% to 20% for each. You ought to pick assumptions-- or variety of assumptions-- that are ideal for you based upon your particular situations. Replacement Rate Computation The quantity of cash from your retirement benefits (e.

CSRS, FERS, Social Security), annuities from TSP and other savings, and any post-retirement incomes you entered are summed over the anticipated years in retirement. The quantity of cash you would have made (with predicted raises) if you continued to work rather than retire is likewise summed up over the very same time period.

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If the calculated replacement rate is less than the wanted replacement rate, the TSP contribution rate is increased bit by bit (0. 25% of salary) until the calculation comes out to the replacement rate goal or it hits the tax deferral limit (currently $17,000). If Check Here For More isn't adequate cash, the Federal Ballpark E$ timate does the very same with the non-TSP cost savings till the combined overall suffices to strike your replacement rate goal, or an outright limit of 50% of wage is reached.

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What this suggests is that the FBE will take the number of years you expect to live in retirement and average the replacement rate throughout that time. The Federal Ballpark E$ timate utilizes 70% as a default rate, but will permit you to choose any rate in between 20% and 120%. Replacement Rate Desired The replacement rate is the portion of your pre-retirement earnings that will be replaced by your retirement income.

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